Church School

The Penney Memorial Church was positioned symbolically at the center when the campus was planned in 1926. It is a welcoming place for everyone and harbors many nurturing programs. In an effort to accommodate the diverse members of this one body of Christ, the Church School program offers three choices of Church School every Sunday morning to all campus residents and visitors. Finding your preferred class is an opportunity to discover and share with each other our common search fro understanding the Word of God.. Following are descriptions of the classes:
PHILATHEA CLASS: Meets in the classroom of the church at 8:45 to 9:45 every Sunday morning.  The name of our class comes from the Greek, meaning "Lovers of Truth". We begin our class with music, prayer requests and prayer, followed by Bible Study which is taught by class members. We are currently using the "Bible Knowledge Series" curriculum from Scripture Press, to be followed by "The LIfe of Christ from the Gospels," In December we will begin a study of Judges and Ruth. Our class has a warm fellowship and enjoys studying and applying the Word together.  We would love to have you visit our class.
Call Louise Sheyda, 704.650.0401 for more information.

ACTS 29 CLASS: We are a small class of about 10, and we meet at 8:45 in the classroom in the Commons on every Sunday morning to study God's Word using the New American Standard Bible; 1995 version, which we provide in class. Alternating between the Old and the New Testaments, we read the selection together completely and then, together, determine what a particular scroture said to the original audience, what eternal truth it conveys, and how we can apply it to our lives and our culture.  Come and discover what the Biblical author intended to communicate through the observation, interpretation and application.
Contact Gordon Danielson 904.284.5379, Representative.

DIALOGUE CLASS: The mission statement for the Dialogue Class reads: "The Dialogue Class shall provide opportunities for Christian education through ongoing classes for women and men.  The classes shall be conducted in a dialogue format discussing books providing studies in Bible, Theology, and Social Ethics each year.
The Dialogue class meets Sunday mornings in Barrows Hall at 8:45 am for an hour. A committee selects a book or topic as mentioned above.  Each Sunday begins with announcements and prayer. A member volunteers to be the facilitator each week who then encourages participation and dialogue among the members during class. Because of the broad study categories there is a stimulating variety of discussion for seekers and contributors alike. The study books are available at a modest price. Questions? Call Bev Wightman, 716.753.0202